Four Tips to Help You Determine Your Best Cup Size before Breast Augmentation

Over the past 30 years of performing breast augmentation procedures I have focused on four factors that I and my patients have found beneficial in helping them decide what an appropriate augmentation goal should be for them:

  1. Patient Expectations: I like to first get an idea of what the patient is expecting from the breast augmentation procedure. I ask: if you are with friends in a social environment, would it bother you if the males in your group were thinking “Has she had a breast augmentation?” or would you prefer them to think “She must be working out” or “I love that sweater she is wearing”?
  2. Patient Activity Level: If the patient is overly active such as a frequent runner, then I tend to reduce the anticipated augmentation by about 20%. Many highly athletic women find it much more comfortable if the augmentation is not over done.
  3. My Examination: A detailed assessment of the patient’s height, shoulder width, nipple position, and any findings of breast asymmetry are extremely important. The examination also provides helpful information to assist in attaining better body proportion after the augmentation procedure.
  4. My Simulation Technique of Breast Enlargement: I routinely have the patient place a silicone sizer beneath her bra and increase or decrease the sizer size until the patient feels comfortable with the look. I then ask her to take a selfie that she can refer back to later if she decides to go slightly larger or smaller prior to her procedure.

In the 1,500 procedures that I have performed, I have had one patient say “I am too large” after her augmentation. In the remaining 1,499 the usual response is “You could have made me just a little bit larger”.

Determination of Anticipated Breast Implant Size: After a review and assessment of the above findings, the patient and I can now narrow our choice of breast implant size down to within a 100 cc range (1/2 of a coffee cup). The general range of breast enlargement relative to the patient’s height, in the 1,500 breast enlargements that I have performed, are as follows:

  • 5 ft. 340 to 370cc implant
  • 5’4” 370 to 420cc implant
  • 5’8” and above 400cc to 480cc implant

Below I have provided a several links including a regional cost comparison for the Breast Augmentation procedure.

Stay Well

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  1. I am glad you mentioned that patients that are frequent runners should reduce the anticipated augmentation by about 20%. I am a runner and am going in for a breast augmentation consult next week. Thank you for the tips on how to help determine the best cup size before the procedure.

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