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I am a board certified Plastic Surgeon and have been practicing for 30 years. My practice currently is made up of 40% reconstructive and 60% cosmetic. I started my practice with a goal for each field of Plastic Surgery. For the reconstructive field, I approach each patient with a goal of returning the disfigurement which has be caused by trauma, disease (breast Cancer, skin cancer) or birth defect with a ultimate goal of a near as possible return to normal anatomy. On the cosmetic side I strive to attain a result that does not appear to be surgically altered but presents as a natural enhancement of the patients appearance. When I am not doing my craft I enjoy music (everything but rap),golf, fly fishing, reading, spending time with family and being thankful for a god given talent. My philosophy of life: In the big picture it is often not so important in what we say or think but ultimately it is what we do with the time that we have on this earth.