Breast Augmentation

Many females with small breasts are dissatisfied with their body image. Breast Augmentation (augmentation mammoplasty) is a procedure designed to enhance fullness by enlarging a woman’s breast through the surgical placement of a breast implant. The primary goal is to: • Enlarge a naturally small breast, which is often an […]

What to Know About Facelifts

Patients can be confused by the different procedures offered. Just the word “facelift” can be intimidating, because it implies that the whole face is lifted. In the majority of limited-facial procedures that I have performed the main objective has been to produce a more natural result. My goal is to […]

Rhinoplasty: The Two Types

I hate my profile My nose is too large for my face I hate this hump on my nose The tip of my nose is too large These are the most common patient complaints regarding the appearance of their nose. Nasal surgery has become more popular in recent years because […]

Moles on the Mind.

Unless you are Cindy Crawford, having a mole is probably not your trademark. Moles are not only an aesthetic distraction but can get in the way of shaving, can rub against clothing or jewelry or be a source of suspicion.      In the majority of cases, a mole is […]

Profiles Winter 2012

The new Profiles is out! Pick up your free copy at any participating business or in one of these newspapers:  2/11: Eau Claire Leader Telegram         LaCrosse Tribune2/12: Chippewa Herald2/15: New Richmond News         River Falls Journal         Hudson Star Observer Click to view […]