Moles on the Mind.

Unless you are Cindy Crawford, having a mole is probably not your trademark. Moles are not only an aesthetic distraction but can get in the way of shaving, can rub against clothing or jewelry or be a source of suspicion.      In the majority of cases, a mole is […]

Profiles Winter 2012

The new Profiles is out! Pick up your free copy at any participating business or in one of these newspapers:  2/11: Eau Claire Leader Telegram         LaCrosse Tribune2/12: Chippewa Herald2/15: New Richmond News         River Falls Journal         Hudson Star Observer Click to view […]

Welcome to the Rucker MD Plastic Surgery Clinic blog. Through this blog, we hope to provide and educate you with information on the ever-evolving field of plastic surgery as well as post announcements and specials for our Medispa on here. Feel free to leave any questions, ideas or comments and […]