1. Sunken Eyes. Gravity begins to pull the fat under the eyes down, which results in a sunken appearance. Typically a blepharoplasty is addressed at the time of the facelift. 2. Loss of Volume. A loss of fat in the face results in droopiness. Volume can be restored through injectables, […]


Lower (Standard) Tightens the lower face’s underlying structures that slacken with age. Also trims excess skin, smoothing it to eliminate facial creases, and giving a visual lift to the bottom third of the face. Mid-Facelift As people age, the cheeks and eyelids tend to sag. This procedure restores a youthful, […]


The Fall/Winter issue of Profiles is out! Pick your complimentary copy up at the Rucker MD Plastic Surgery Clinic, the Enza Medispa or grab one of these upcoming newspapers: Leader Telegram: Saturday, October 5th. Pioneer Press: Wednesday, October 9th. This issue’s topics include: Functional vs. Cosmetic Rhinoplasty 5 Facelift Factors […]

It’s here! PROFILES Summer 2013!

Check out the latest issue of PROFILES magazine to read up on: The Future of Breast Augmentation by Joseph Rucker, MD, FACS Benefits of Stem Cells in your Skin Care Regimen Menopause & You by Donna Schoenfelder, MD Help! I have ACNE SCARRING Group Workouts You Will LOVE by Lori […]