5 Proactive Ways to Look Younger without Plastic Surgery

I recently gave a seminar on the above topic.  The subject was well received because there are many people that desire to look younger but either don’t have the budget, do not like the idea of undergoing an operation, or don’t like the idea of being off work because of an extended recovery. After 30 years of performing many cosmetic facial procedures, I can truly say that I know the skin both inside and out.  During this time I have become obsessed with the concept of ways to control facing aging by employing less-invasive effective methods to obtain this goal.  I firmly believe that the most important factor in obtaining younger appearing skin is to embrace a proactive approach.  Over the next month I will provide 5 blog posts describing the proactive techniques that I have employed to obtain this goal.  The first method is to blend in and control irregular pigment.

 Irregular Pigmentation is one of the most noticeable features of an aging appearance.  As we age, the pigment-producing cells in our skin called melanocytes become victim to excess sun exposure, inflammation, and in the female population, hormonal changes.  These factors trigger these cells to overproduce the dark pigment melanin, resulting in an uneven pigment distribution in the upper skin layer.  The outward appearance of hyperpigmentation and dark spots soon follows, with some of the most common sites being the face, arms, back, and hands.

Over a period of 20 years, we have employed the following methods to obtain pigment control:

If these methods are used properly, the areas of irregular pigmentation can be blended in and the results can be rather astounding.

irregular pigmentation, BBL, pulsed dye laser, younger skin, dark skin spots, removal of dark skin spots, photographs irregular pigmentatonirregular pigmentation, younger skin, darkened skin spots, BBL, forever young

I have taken this concept one step further and have provided an intense advanced training program to our already highly trained aesthetician, Jordan Beltz.  She is by far the most knowledgeable and well trained individual in the field of pigment control in our region.  With the introduction of our Forever Young Skin Treatment Plan, that only she has been trained in, we are now able to take the management of the this difficult problem to the next level. For more information on pigment control, feel free to contact us at: info@ruckermd.com or by contacting Jordan directly at 1-715-832-1774.

Our second proactive approach to obtain a more youthful appearance without surgery will be posted soon. For an email alert, please consider following us by signing in on the right.




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