3 Ways to Keep Cosmetic Surgery Fees Low without Going to Mexico

  1. Select a Board Certified P.S. When considering cosmetic surgery, probably the most important factor would be to select a surgeon that is board certified and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery. It ensures that he or she has been intensively trained in performing these cosmetic procedures and is able to manage any complications that may occur. This is important because there may be a higher complication rate with non-board certified surgeons which can ultimately lead to higher costs and the possibility of a more difficult recovery period.
  2. Having Multiple Procedures at the same time: I strongly advise my patients that are interested in having more than one cosmetic procedure to have them done at the same time for several reasons:
    1. Most surgeons routinely decrease the second procedure by at least 30%
    2. Having the procedures at the same time also produces one recovery episode and one time off work resulting in a significant savings in fees.
  3. Does Your Surgeon have an In-Office Operating Room?: A great many cosmetic surgery procedures are done in a hospital setting and this can lead to increased fees. First there is the cost for the hospital room, then the anesthetic cost is also included. If the surgeon has an accredited operating room in his or her office, the overall cost can be significantly reduced by avoiding these additional hospital and anesthesia charges.

Joseph W. Rucker M.D.    www.ruckermd.com


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