BOTOX: A New Treatment for Depression?

Getting a wrinkle-free look is enough cause for enjoyment, but Botox® cosmetic may be going deeper.

A study conducted by Georgetown University seems to have found a fix for depression. In an analysis of 74 people, all who had been diagnosed with depression, Botox® was administered to half (while the other half received a placebo) over a span of six weeks. With the injections given between their brows, each of the participants was asked how they felt post-administration. Those who received Botox® reported a better mood by 50%.

What is it about a Botox® injection that can lighten the mood or damper negative thoughts? Let’s take a look:

How Botox® can affect you:

  1. Stops the contraction of muscles that cause wrinkles
    1. When Botox® is injected, muscles that normally form those worry lines, crow’s feet, and frown lines are relaxed. Brain stimulation from these muscles is consequently relaxed.
  2. Reduces fine lines for 3-6 months after administration
    1. Not only will you have a significant wrinkle reduction for this period of time, but you will also notice your facial expressions have changed – less frowning leads to more happiness.
  3. May cause light bruising that will go away in a matter of hours
    1. There’s extremely minimal downtime with Botox®. If you’re heading back to work, to a big event, or social gathering, there’s no need to worry about your appearance.
  4. Brightens your face by combating lines around the eyes, mouth, and forehead
    1. With wrinkles and fine lines diminished, you’ll appear younger, more vibrant, and happier.

With all of this, essentially, if you aren’t able to see your frown lines, you are happier. Less visible wrinkles, little risk, and a brighter complexion for up to half a year can really contribute to a more positive demeanor.  Even with this positive finding, we must understand that this is a preliminary study and it may well not prove helpful for all forms of depression.  Stay Well

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