5 Tips to Help Avoid Breast Sagging

Breast sagging is, unfortunately, a certainty in your lifetime. As you get older there is a loss of skin elasticity because of the normal reduction of the connective tissue layer beneath the skin. You may notice:

  • A loss of fullness on the upper portion of your breasts
  • You feel a push-up bra is a necessity
  • You feel going bra-less is not an option
  • You feel your nipples have fallen into a lower position.

These unwanted changes in your breast shape are usually caused by:

  • Breast enlargement during pregnancy
  • Weight fluctuations
  • Hereditary factors (your mom may have had saggy breasts – “Thanks, Mom…”)
  • Natural aging
  • Anything over a D-cup bra

The Myths of Reducing Breast Sagging

There are, unfortunately, several myths that have been promoted as being able to improve or reduce the chance of breast sagging.  In my estimation these factors are untrue.

  • Certain exercises can reduce breast sagging and help avoid it.
  • Push up bras can slow and reduce the occurrence of sagging.
  • Breast feeding can enhance the risk of breast sagging. A recent study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has determined that this is not the case. I feel breast feeding will usually reduce the degree of breast sagging because of breast size reduction during nursing. This puts less stress on the skin of the breast which ultimately leads to less stretching and less sagging.

Ways to Minimize Breast Sagging

While sagging is inevitable in most women, you can take these steps to at least minimize it:

  1. Good skin quality through a Healthy Diet. The average adult should consume 2-3 portions of protein per day. This can consist of meat, milk, fish, eggs, soy, beans or nuts.
  2. Avoid Smoking: Smoking weakens and ages the skin and will also reduce that very important collagen layer.
  3. Avoid putting on or losing weight too quickly. Crash diets can result in a sudden loss of breast volume, resulting in a deflated breast skin envelope.
  4. Don’t Skip the Sunscreen: Exposing your face to UV rays without the protection of a protective coating of sunscreen can cause premature wrinkles and a decrease of the collagen layer. It has the same effect on breast skin which will increase the chance of breast sagging.
  5. Take Care of your Skin: It is highly recommended that you regularly use a non-oily moisturizer that won’t clog your pores and a stem cell serum to boost your breast skin’s collagen layer. We have formulated this two product regimen and have found it works best in our patient population.breast lift eau claire, breast lift wisconsin, breast lift cost, breast sagging, breast lift before and after, breast lift recovery, breast reduction, nipple reduction eau claire, breast reduction wisconsin

Breast sagging is inevitable but the process can be slowed and the overall extent can be reduced.  Hope these tips prove helpful.  Don’t forget prevention and maintenance are the key to success.  Stay Well.

Joseph Rucker M.D. F.A.C.S




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