Avoid That Mid-Summer Skin Meltdown


Well those of us living in the upper mid-west will begin to experience our much awaited hot and sticky, summer season.  It’s easy to let the heat get the best of us. Here in the upper mid-west, sun, heat, and the lure of outdoor activities create the perfect storm for exacerbating skin conditions and premature aging. It is never too early or too late to give your skin the care that it needs and deserves.  Living here we are more prone to develop more sun damage because of

  • Our propensity to enjoy our outside Wisconsin summer activities
  • Excessive Sunshine
  • High Humidity and Heat
  • High percentage of our local residents having fair skin which is more prone to sun damage


This article was published in Arizona Sports & Lifestyle Magazine for their Summer 2016 issue. 

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All of these factors contribute to skin damage which we see as the early appearance of fine line wrinkles, irregular pigmentation, uneven skin tone and a dull skin color. So to help avoid these damaging factors without sitting inside in front of your air conditioner for the rest of the summer, try a few of these tips to better manage the heat, the humidity, and the sun so you can get outside and enjoy your active lifestyle.

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. We all know water is essential in the heat of summer and Dr. Joseph Rucker recommends eight glasses a day, and even more in warmer weather. Seem like a lot? Try breaking it up to one glass every hour, or liven up your water by adding a lemon or lime which will also help cleanse your system of impurities, improve digestion and stimulate the liver. Don’t forget other great sources of water such as watermelon, berries and other water-rich fruit!
  • Tone, baby, tone. A travel-sized container of your favorite toner might be your new best friend this summer. Misting your skin throughout the day will allow the toner to absorb excess oil and keep you looking fresh- even on the most sweltering days! We highly recommend the ENZA natural toner because of it less irritating effects.
  • Sunscreen to start your day. The best way to protect your skin against sun damage is to wear a broad spectrum sunscreen anytime you are exposed to UV rays. To prevent your-sunscreen from sweating off during outdoor workouts, first apply a light moisturizer which contains a natural anti-inflammatory component.   Also, remember SPF does not stand for the strength of the sun-block it refers to the theoretical amount of time you can stay in the sun without getting sunburned.  We strongly suggest that you double up on the application in those areas that are more exposed such as back of neck, cheeks and your nose and head gear and also UV-protective clothing is highly recommended.
  • Color your palate. What better time than summer to eat colorfully! Stop by you’re the local farmers market for an array of fresh, local vegetables to add to your cooking. Look for foods with Vitamin C, such as bell peppers, fresh herbs, leafy greens, broccoli, sprouts and strawberries, or try applying it directly to your skin in a topical form, such as a Vitamin C Serum. Vitamin C is an excellent way to fight off free radicals and team up with your SPF to stand up to UV rays.
  • Wine Night! Red wine is rich in antioxidants and loaded with other benefits! Dr. Rucker agrees, “The flavonoids found in red wine can help your body fight against skin cancer.” So kick back, relax, and enjoy the benefits of your favorite red wines. Note! It is important to drink in moderation (1-2 glasses) and to follow up with plenty of water to stay hydrated!


Try these tips and allow yourself to enjoy the longer days, warm weather, and fun summer activities while you still can. Don’t let the heat and humidity stand in the way of you and your much anticipated upper mid-west summer!


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