The BOTOX Brow Lift

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Youthful Eyebrow Position

As the saying goes… “Beauty is in the EYE of the beholder” and there are a number of traits which are generally and cross-culturally perceived as more attractive than others. One of the most influential features of a female’s facial appearance is the appearance of her eyes. Men all too often walk away from their first encounter with an impression that she is either angry, tired, older than her age or beautiful just by the appearance of her eyes.   One of the most youthful characteristics of a younger and more feminine eye is the slight upward tilt of the outer corner of the eye and a higher space between the outer corner and the outer edge of the eyebrow. Many women currently simulate this elevated brow position by either plucking the hair on the lower edge of the eyebrow and then shaping the outer edge of the brow in a higher position using mascara.


Older Eyebrow Position

Unfortunately with age our outer brow has a tendency to fall in its position relative to the inner aspect of the eyebrow.  This drop in brow position can be caused by a loss of elasticity of the forehead skin or a weakness of the muscles that hold the brow in its younger position or both. .  Another cause of a drop in eyebrow position is the overzealous use of BOTOX over the upper outer edge of the eyebrow in an effort to reduce forehead wrinkles.  In the more extreme cases the brow can be positioned surgically but in the vast majority of cases we can lift the brow non-surgically with  advanced BOTOX techniques.  With an understanding of the muscles that contribute to the position of the brow we can now perform a precise treatment of these muscles resulting in a higher brow position.  You can think of this technique as a re-positioning of certain facial features by precisely controlling the effects of the muscles beneath the skin with the BOTOX treatment.  In order to raise the brow with BOTOX, we need to weaken the muscles that pull the brow down. When these muscles stop contracting, it allows the brow to raise naturally.  The most important way to ensure proper brow placement is to be sure that your physician is well trained in the technique and he or she is very familiar with the underlying muscular anatomy. Stay Beautiful

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