Red Carpet Facial Treatment: Countdown to That Special Event

“Even if I see someone 2 weeks prior to their event, I can give them significant improvement in one office visit—an immediate, effective breakthrough skin and anti-aging treatment.” 

Joseph Rucker, M.D., F.A.C.S.


The dress, bag and shoes are in the closet. Invitations are sent, venue reserved, DJ hired and photographer confirmed. Here comes the bride…and there is less than a month until the big day. “I was so involved in the planning and activities leading up to my wedding that I put my appearance on the back burner. After preparing mothers of the bride for the big event, I have come to realize that at this point a facial is not going to make much of a difference”  “Whether we are talking about a wedding, reunion, or another special social event, people want to look their best in honor of the occasion. The date is on the calendar, but it sneaks up on them. All of a sudden time is running out. Even If I see someone 2 weeks prior to their event, I can give them significant improvement in one office visit—an immediate, effective breakthrough skin and anti-aging treatment.”

In my estimation, it is possible to look great with only 2 weeks to spare without surgery? In most instances we can achieve a natural, yet noticeable improvement, fast recovery, and minimal downtime.  This one step approach combines all you need for appreciable wrinkle reduction, smooth skin and a glowing complexion. I have incorporated all of the necessary treatments into one experience.   Fillers to plump up folds and add volume, Botox to smooth lines and wrinkles, and a light laser peel to boost collagen. If necessary, pigmented areas can be addressed at the same time. Our patients leave with a customized skincare regimen through our proprietary skincare line and they are all set for their big day.”

And for the social butterflies out there, we has taken this approach one step further. We recommend the Red Carpet Treatment twice per year to maintain that fresh look. “Botox is generally necessary twice a year, and dermal fillers can be touched up at the same time. A light Micro Laser Peel plus profractional laser treatments yield remarkable results. Similar to micro-needling, the profractional laser peel is considerably more precise with less risk of infection. Skincare maintenance including our ENZA Tripeptide Cell Activator is a must to maintain the skin’s overall quality. ” For more information on the weekend skin peel and for a complimentary subscription to our Profiles publication which provides all of the latest news in advanced skin care, beauty needs and cosmetic surgery,  please follow this link: . Also, it you have any questions regarding this post,  I can be reached at

Laser Facial Peel, Weekend ,  ENZA skin care, Peel, Dermal Fillers, BOTOX, Mother of The Bride Peel, Red Carpet Peel

before filler placement to naso-labial folds, jawline, cheeks, BOTOX, Lite facial peel maintenance and skin care maintenance

Red Carpet Peel, Weekend Peel, Mother of the Bride Peel, Dermal fillers, BOTOX, Enza skin care,Laser Peel

4 days after Red Carpet Facial Peel, Fillers and BOTOX














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