My Approach to the Removal of Difficult Skin Lesions

Since the airing of the Doctor’s T.V. episode featuring my treatment of a rare, unsightly skin condition, there have been many requests regarding my treatment plan and how I was able to attain the results that I did. First of all, this patient was diagnosed with a rare inherited skin disease called Brooke’s Spiegler Syndrome. Pierce, Kay  (20140415151119889) 20140516142822435

I decided to approach her case with a higher level of caution because she is a person of color.  People of color have a higher tendency to form excessive scarring after surgery and the skin can also over lighten, causing irregular pigmentation concerns.  I have used a radio-frequency device to remove approximately 10,000 skin lesions over a 20 year history and have found it to be preferable over direct surgical incision because it does in fact cause less scarring and less prone to cause pigmentation changes.  My overall goal therefore was to:

  • Utilize a Micro-Radio-frequency tumor removal technique to avoid scarring
  • Staged tumor removal over an 7 month period
  • The avoidance of Pigmentation Problems
  • Provide a follow-up treatment to help avoid a recurrence of the skin lesions

Serial Tumor Removal Procedures were performed over a 7 month period.  All procedures were performed under a local anesthetic and took about one hour.  Magnification and a micro-needle technique were employed, so as to help prevent damage to nearby tissue and to try to avoid tissue damage that might lead to a permanent lightening of the skin.

Follow up Laser Procedure to Help Prevent Tumor recurrence: we treated all of the areas where the tumors were removed with a profractional laser.  This is a laser frequency which promotes normal skin regrowth (collagen production) with the assumption that the normal skin growth would prevail over the abnormal skin tumor recurrence.  My thinking was that we might not be able to totally block the recurrence of the skin tumors but would probably could slow there growth both in size and number.

Follow up Skin Care Maintenance to Promote Collagen Production: we employed our topical Tri-Peptide Cell Activator which we have found to be extremely helpful in promoting skin collagen production and reducing scarring and wrinkle formation.Pierce, Kay  (20140415151119889) 20150323161215613

Joseph W. Rucker M.D.


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