Breast Augmentation: What Size Implant Should I Choose?

“Indecision regarding breast augmentation choices become easier with these helpful suggestions”
Joseph W. Rucker MD

Rucker MD

Motivation for Seeking Breast Enlargement: Some women who come in for a consultation to increase their breast size are concerned that others might perceive them as being vain, shallow or exaggerating their sexuality. If you are preoccupied by your appearance and find yourself stuffing your bra, buying heavily padded bras or your disparity in proportion causes you to buy bathing suit tops much smaller than the bottoms, and this bothers you, then breast augmentation is a healthy reason for aesthetic intervention

Despite my experience and aesthetic judgment, asking me to define “the perfectbreast” and the perfect breast size, is not only misleading, it assumes I can make a unilateral decision on thepatient’s behalf. Certainly shape, size, position and proportion are important, but my patients have taught me my point of view is not necessarily their perception. Having said that, in general a woman’s profile should present a…

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