Unless you are Cindy Crawford, your mole is probably not your trademark. Moles are not only an aesthetic distraction, but can get in the way of shaving, rub against clothing or jewelry, or be a source of suspicion. In the majority of cases, a mole is merely a benign growth in the skin. They come in various shapes and sizes and can appear anywhere on the body.  You can be born with a mole or discover them over time. On rare occasions they may be pre-cancerous, reason enough to have them checked, if not removed completely. .

Warning Signs of Problem Moles:  First and foremost, if you have fair skin, have a history of spending an excessive amount of time in the sun, and have a family history of skin cancer you should be on the alert for any changes in problematic moles. While most skin cancers occur on sun-exposed areas (face, neck) you should also seek help from a loved one in monitoring problematic moles on your back. In performing an examination of a potentially scary mole, we recommend that you follow the ABCDE’s of proper mole examination:

A: ASYMMETRY. Does half of your mole look different from the other half?

B: BORDERS. Look for irregularities along the outside border of your mole.

C: COLOR. Is the color of your mole suspicious or is it all one color?

D: DIAMETER. Watch your mole to see if it is growing or changing rapidly.

E: ELEVATION. Your mole should be one level. Is your mole a different elevation in some areas?

“Scar-LESS” Mole Removal: Most people hesitate to have moles removed because the fear of scarring and the pain involved with removal, but at the Rucker MD Plastic Surgery Clinic, I utilize radiofrequency ablation for mole removal. There is virtually no scarring because stitches are unnecessary. If the mole exhibits any of the ABCDE’s of concern, the mole can easily be sent away to check for harmful cells. Most procedures take less than 15 minutes, depending on the number of moles.

What about recovery time? Over the course of a few days the skin will heal, leaving little trace that the lesion was ever there. In my 30 years of experience with over 20,000 cases, I have found this method to be less painful and the most effective technique for removing moles without significant scarring.

If you have questions regarding mole removal don’t hesitate to call us at 800-456-8222. Our staff is always happy to help you.



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