The dreaded winter weather is on its way here. It’s time to start taking out winter coats, mittens and boots from winter storage.  It’s no secret that the combination of dry air and holiday stress  and even our overworked home heating system can prove to be a nightmare for your skin.  So as with any other season, you will have to adjust your daily routine accordingly to keep your skin fresh and renewed. Here are 5 tips that you might find helpful to keep you skin sane.
  1. Balance. Using a moisturizing toner will balance your skin’s pH levels to a normal level of between 4.5–6. This allows the rest of your products to work more effectively and penetrate deeper.
  2. Avoid too many sweets. With the holiday baking and sweets about, it seems impossible to resist sugar. But did you know that excess sugar can age you? When your body processes sugar, it turns into glucose which can destroy collagen and your skin’s elasticity, which is a big factor in aging skin. You may want to pass on that extra chocolate chip cookie for your skin’s sake.
  3. Out with the old. Winter is the perfect time to get rid of old items you don’t need any more, right? It’s an even better time to get rid of dead skin and bacteria left on your face with a gentle, oatmeal-based exfoliant. Exfoliating two to three times each week will help avoid acne scarring and irritation and those dreaded clogged pores.
  4. Watch out! We know it’s cold, but extreme heat from the blow dryer, sink water, or shower can break capillaries, cause irritation and end up drying out your skin even more. Use lukewarm water to keep your skin calm.
  5. Drench and hydrate. Don’t forget to use deep-hydrating creams and facials to ensure your skin is receiving enough moisture during this harsh, dry season.  Since our skin is dryer because of the harsh elements you might find that a heavier moisturizer might benefit you. The best time to apply a moisturizer is just after getting out of the shower while your skin is still moist.  For your body, I highly recommend the use of a dense creamy body lotion. For the face a lighter moisturizer  which contains antioxidants and vitamins  A and E.

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