For some individuals, the healing of acne scars can turn into a whole new skin issue — darkened acne scars. Acne inflammation can lead to a deposit of pigment in response to the skin’s healing process which may result in hyper-pigmented areas of the skin to be revealed through the skin. To address this issue, the treatment is two-fold.

1. The use of broad band Light (BBL), also called an IPL laser, reduces the present pigmentation and reduces the chance of future pigmentation problems.

2. Over time, the pigmentation problem may recur. In such cases, I recommend using a maintenance topical, skin bleaching cream such as hydroquinone.

These treatments will effectively lessen the effects of acne scars. However, in order to obtain the best results, always wear sun protection as excessive unprotected sun exposure will allow for hyper-pigmentation to worsen.

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