Doctor, do I need a breast lift with my augmentation? And what is the difference between silicone and saline?

It’s hard to give the best answer without the benefit of an examination, however, there are three general complaints you may have that will indicate whether you need a breast lift with your breast augmentation.
Three good indicators are:

  • You feel you have lost fullness on the upper portion of your breasts
  • You feel a push-up bra is a necessity
  • You feel going braless is not an option

A good at-home test to decide whether a lift is right for you is to place your index finger beneath the fold of your breast and point upwards toward your nipple.  If your finger tip protrudes over the upper portion of your areola or above it, then a lift is probably needed, however, a detailed examination by your plastic surgeon is recommended.

If a lift is needed, but not done with your augmentation, your breast sagging may appear more pronounced after your breast augmentation procedure. In my experience, 75% of my patients that opted for a breast lift also chose a breast augmentation. A breast augmentation and breast lift combination may be the best option for you if your goals include any of the following:

  • Regaining a “perky”  look
  • Improving your cleavage
  • Being  able to go bra-less

Your next decision may be choosing between a saline versus a silicone implant. I personally believe that current saline and traditional gel-filled implants will be obsolete in the near future.  I use the  “Gummy Bear” implant.  The benefits of this new implant option include a natural feel, less complications in the event of rupture and a probable less chance of scarring around implant. See video below for more details. Choose wisely.

“Some people think that women with perky, well-formed breasts are stupid. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Women with perky breasts make men stupid.”

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