Doctor, What Size and Type of Implant would you Recommend?

When choosing a breast implant, there are two major factors one must consider (1) what size implant is best for me and (2) what type of implant should I choose. The following information is meant to guide you in making an educated decision

IMPLANT SIZE: While there is no specific chart that will display exactly what size implant should be used, most surgeons will have a general suggestion for each of their patients. The surgeon must make a determination based on the cup size that the patient desires as well as the body size of the patient. Generally I offer the suggestions listed below:

  • Small statured women (<5’3″) with an A cup requesting a C cup. My implant range suggestions are between 280cc to 380cc
  • Medium statured women (>5’3″) with an A cup requesting a C+ cup size. My implant range suggestion is between 380cc and 480cc
  • Large statured women (>5’8″) with an A cup requesting a C+ cup to a D cup. My implant range is between 480cc and 540cc

IMPLANT TYPE: When it comes to implant type, I personally think the saline filled implant and the standard silicone gel filled implants will be obsolete within the next two years. This is due to the many benefits of the revolutionary  “Gummy Bear” Implant. The benefits of the Sientra implant are so pronounced that it has become my implant of choice due to the following reasons:

  • There is a smaller chance of a leakage of gel into the body if a rupture is to occur
  • Has a natural feel similar to the gel filled implant
  • There are multiple shapes and sizes offered
  • The cost is very comparable to the standard gel filled implant
  • Some studies suggest that there may be less of a chance of scarring around the Sientra implant
With these suggestions and information in mind, it is important to remember that a consult with your plastic surgeon is highly recommended to determine your personalized needs. For more information —–>

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