Pellevé®: A Breakthrough in Anti-Aging

It’s an inevitable evil, and it happens to us all: with each increasing year come new wrinkles. We’ve tried it all- creams, medications, even surgeries in hopes of minimizing wrinkles and reducing age. However, Rucker M.D., Enza Medispa has taken initiative and began using a new procedure in their offices: the Pellevé® Wrinkle Reduction System. Here we look to introduce and explain this new procedure and why it is important to the Rucker M.D., Enza Medispa and its patients.
What is Pellevé®?
Pellevé® is a unique wrinkle reduction system with various benefits including minimizing wrinkles, tightening and smoothing the face, and creating a younger, brighter complexion. Pellevé® does this through a non-invasive and nonsurgical treatment.
How is Pellevé® different from other wrinkle remedies?
Dr. Joseph Rucker M.D. describes what he sees as the top three benefits of Pellevé® that no other wrinkle reduction treatment can offer:
1.   An appreciable wrinkle reduction
2.  A painless procedure
3.  No downtime
What can I expect to experience while undergoing the procedure?
Rucker M.D., Enza Medispa patient feedback will tell that the Pellevé® experience is calming and enjoyable. “It feels like a warm facial, and when it gets too hot for me, they move on. It’s never too uncomfortable. It’s relaxing; I even dozed off a few times.”
How long until I start to see the effects of Pellevé®?
Immediately- Rucker M.D. Patients have expressed their surprise at how quickly they could feel the treatment working on them. “It was immediate and the results were amazing. I loved the tightness and I loved the fullness.” “My face had this healthy glow; [it] felt tighter and firmer. I noticed around my eyes right away that the crow’s feet weren’t noticeable.” And when combined with Enza Essential’s topical wrinkle reduction serum, the Tri-Peptide Cell Activator, your immediate results will be enhanced.  
With your immediate results, you may notice a slight depletion of tightness a few days following treatment. This is normal. With time and follow-up treatments, you will begin to feel a permanent re-tightening of the skin.
What are the side effects?
One of the benefits of Pellevé® is that there are very few side effects to this procedure. As mentioned earlier, it is a non-invasive treatment, meaning no downtime is necessary. You will be able to go out in the sun, apply make-up, and get back to your daily routine immediately following treatment. Some patients may experience mild swelling and redness; however this typically goes away within 2 to 24 hours.
Is it effective?
Dr. Joseph Rucker, M.D. stands by his efforts to ensure patient comfort and satisfaction by incorporating Pellevé® into his practice. Pellevé® successfully passed all of his following criteria:
1.   Research shows its benefits
2. A waiting period to review the long term effectiveness of the technology
3.   My own personal use of the technology
For more information or to set up an appointment for a Pellevé® treatment, please call our offices: 715-832-1774. All inquires are welcome and can be answered by an experienced Rucker M.D. staff. 

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