Avoiding Botox Blunders

BOTOX® injection is the most commonly performed aesthetic procedure in the United States with over 5 million anatomical sites injected in 2011 alone. It acts by partially and temporarily paralyzing the facial animation muscles beneath the skin, thereby decreasing the skin wrinkles that are formed due to the action of these muscles.

BOTOX® has many cosmetic uses including:

  • Treatment of frown lines between the eyebrows.
  • Worry lines across the forehead.
  • Crow’s Feet at the corners of the eyes.
  • Fine lines around the mouth.
  • Excessively sweaty armpits, palms, and feet.
  • Relief from migraine headaches. 
What are the risks?  

  • Bruising & swelling. Quick Fix: Ice area after procedure to treat; avoid aspirin prior to treatment.
  • A droopy eyelid, which is the result of an improper injection.
  • Overall unacceptable results. This can easily be avoided. 
How To Avoid Botox Blunders and Poor Results:  
After treating over 100,000 injection sites, in my opinion, these are the most common causes of a poor result:

  • Improper injection technique: An injector not familiar with the muscular anatomy may execute an improper placement, causing unwanted side effects and a less than optimal result. My Opinion: “Seek treatment from an experienced licensed physician.”
  • Not enough material used at the injection site: I use 5 units per injection site and I have found most patients require the treatment of 8 to 14 sites to receive an acceptable resultMy Opinion: “50 units per treatment for an even face. Always ask how many units will be used. A common statement we hear is: ‘I was treated for half the cost but did not receive the results that I desired.’”
  • Use of an outdated BOTOX solution: Injecting a less potent Botox solution can cause poor results. The product has a shelf life of only 48 hours and the potency drops off significantly after that timeMy Opinion: “Use the product the same day it was prepared.” 
  • “I don’t want to look like Nicole Kidman”: Here we have a prime example of overtreatment.  The forehead muscles were over treated, resulting in a doneappearance. My Opinion: “Never overuse a good product.” 

For More information relative too these treatments: give us a call at 1-800-456-8222. Also, we currently have a limited BOTOX pricing offer at www.ruckermd.com .. Stay beautiful.

Joseph W. Rucker M.D.


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